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Kaanapali Land, LLC

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Kaanapali Land, LLC engages in the property and agriculture businesses in the state of Hawaii. The company's Agriculture segment is involved in farming, harvesting, and milling operations relating to coffee orchards on behalf of the land owners. This segment also cultivates, harvests, and sells bananas, citrus fruits, and alfalfa, as well as engages in ranching operations. Its Property segment primarily develops land for sale, as well as negotiates the bulk sale of undeveloped land. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois. Kaanapali Land, LLC is a subsidiary of Pacific Trail Holdings, LLC.

Market capitalization history of Kaanapali Land, LLC (KANP)

As of September 2021 Kaanapali Land, LLC has a market cap of $36.892M.
Year Market cap change
2020 $45.664M -20.161%
2019 $57.195M -6.061%
2018 $60.885M 3.125%
2017 $59.040M 10.345%
2016 $53.505M -17.143%
2015 $64.575M 29.630%
2014 $49.815M 26.464%
2013 $39.391M 25.588%
2012 $31.365M 2.410%
2011 $30.627M -20.952%
2010 $38.745M -12.062%
2009 $44.060M 7.597%
2008 $40.949M -25.730%
2007 $55.135M